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"Maria Ackermann has been a superior resource in website optimization, search engine marketing, and web analytics. She has helped our organization launch a web driven marketing plan that started producing leads from the 1st month. Maria is a very dedicated, knowledgeable and innovative practitioner. We appreciate her expertise and look forward to continuing to grow our program with her recommendations. Maria also has a wealth of information regarding social networking and we often turn to her for advice in this rapidly changing environment"

Brent Goldman
President, The Sagemont School

August 25, 2009, Source: LinkedIN

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​"While many hold themselves out to be experts at SEO and Internet Marketing, Maria is the real thing. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Maria has complete knowledge of integrating technology and marketing. I hired Maria to be part of our Marketing team and provide her Internet Marketing expertise for a client that had stagnant sales. Through our marketing plan and Maria's expertise we were able to increase sales leads by 300% for our client. Being a workhorse myself, I can honestly say that Maria gives 200% of herself and truly enjoys what she does. Maria is a true professional and a joy to work with.less"

Janice B. Gonzalez
President & CEO at JBG Communications - Marketing Advertising & PR

January 30, 2009,, Source: LinkedIN

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​"Maria is one of the most energetic and dedicated individuals I have the pleasure of working with. Her passion, talent and knowledge of the real estate development business, provides that competitive edge that is so important in this industry. She would be a tremendous asset to any organization or endeavor she is a part of"

Sara Valega
Director of Marketing & Advertising at DYL Group

February 27, 2009, Source: LinkedIN

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"Of the thousands of affiliates we’ve worked with, Maria is my unquestionably my favorite. Not only was she consistently one of our very top performers, but was a terrific sounding board and would also proactively suggest opportunities for us to capitalize on. We quickly learned to incorporate her recommendations, otherwise our campaigns would suffer. I’m still in awe how she was able to single-handily deliver the same revenue as the biggest affiliate marketing companies, all the while making you feel like you’re the only client she has. Bravo!"

Jonathan Tanner
Founder & CEO of 1-800-PHARMACY

Jan 28, 2009,, Source: LinkedIN

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"This letter is to recommend Maria Ackermann, who I worked with when she was the CEO at Bennett International. My name is Dr. Conrado Barzaga and I am the Senior Program Officer that oversees the Planning and Development of Health Initiatives for the Los Angeles Commission on Children and Families, a.k.a. First 5 LA. It has been my pleasure to work alongside Mrs Ackermann and her staff at Bennett International. I worked very closely with her in South America when I was the VP of Operations and Medical Director for CIME Clinics. Mrs Ackermann provided valuable services that led to a great expansion in CIME's reach onto diverse markets in South America. Mrs Ackermann's vision contributed to a successful expansion of CIME's market reach and allowed for a sales growth of hundreds of thousands annually. Mrs Ackermann's integrity and dedication were of great value to our organization and we will always be indebted to her for the quality and timeliness of the responses she always gave to our company"

Conrado Barzaga, MD
Executive Director at The Center for Oral Health

Feb 2, 2009,, Source: LinkedIN

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"Working with and knowing Maria Ackermann over the past several years has lead me to one obvious conclusion. She is the person that never gives up once she accepts a project. Hand her something and she will research the entire project and master all the details. Specifically her ability to handle detailed SEM and list management is where I’ve seen her personally do amazing work. Go Maria"

Martin Toha - Genius :) look him up

February 17, 2009, Source: LinkedIN

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Maria is an experienced and proven Internet Marketer and SEO specialist. She is diligent, tenacious and gets outstanding results for her clients. She is a pleasure to work with and is the "real deal" when it comes to Internet Marketing.

Ian Torres - President at That Marketing Agency - Integrated Marketing Services

Feb 9, 2009,, Source: LinkedIN

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"Many years have gone by since Maria was my student. I have been fortunate enough to come in touch with her here again, after all these years.

    As a student, she was an enthusiastic individual with an eye for the highly creative way of doing things and mind of someone who wanted to find the most in every thing in life. Now as an adult, she works from her home office and has managed the world of pioneer, enthusiasts, mother, wife and company owner rendering service and advice with all the all the enthusiasm and creativity channeled into maturity and truth to the best of her abilities.     She is a joy to know"

Adnan Duane Razack
Vice President of Client Relations at District Creative Studios

Jan 25, 2009,, Source: LinkedIN